About Us

The business operations of Mr Sung Jae Kim are well known in the Australian retail property industry, having opened and operated more than 100 food businesses over the past 28 years both in Australia and overseas. The professional development and delivery of Asian food businesses sets Mr Sung Jae Kim’s operations apart from the large majority of other food operators in the market today. The experiences and ideas developed in the course of last 28 years of operations are reflected in the operating methodologies successfully employed today in all aspects of the company’s operations. These include brand development, marketing, human resource management, design and construction of tenancies, menu development, occupational health & safety and financial management. The high regard with which Mr Sung Jae Kim’s operations and capabilities are held is reflected by the large number of site proposals received from major institutional and private landlords throughout Australia.

Hokka Hokka is an established chain of Asian Food Restaurants, Oriental Kitchen, expanded to accommodate an

impressive over 100 shops since 1987 troughout the major cities of Australia and overseas.

We are specialists whose experience brings an uncommon measure of professionalism, clear rationale and

conceptual tninking to all our operations.

We are committed to bring the highest standard and quality in designing, managing, cooking and developing of

Asian restaurants to the marketplace which is second to none.

The mission statement of Hokka Hokka is simple:

Have great respect for the customers, Convenience & Predictabillity

• Selection of suitable high profile sites for development

• Design concepts to appeal to a wide demographic group

• Marketing programs to elevate Asian Food to the heights enjoyed by American Franchises today

• To offer modern Asian Cuisine in fast food or restaurant format

• To provide training programs to maintain the integrity of our vision throughout our Organisations.

To achieve this Hokka Hokka works on a tried and tested formula that has the following standards:

• Fast services – an average meal waiting time is only 2~5 minutes.

• Consistency of taste

• Wide selection of dishes

• Affordable price to maximise Customer base

• A total commitment to freshness and cleanliness

• Authentic presentation