Service Styles

Trading as “Hokka Hokka Oriental Kitchen”, the concept of the tenancy is to bring the very best Asian cuisine to the diverse customers marketplace with restaurant quality. Choice of service styles from made-to-order and ready-to-eat foods, the whole range of customer needs will be catered to.

Presentation Methodologies

Variety in the service and food presentation methodologies is critical to ensure that all sales opportunities are maximized. The made-to-order noodle bar is the most theatrical and visually compelling aspect of the operation. From presentation of the fresh ingredients to speed of delivery from the point of order, and final presentation of the product, we have all engaged and entertained customers.

Consistently Enliven

Underpinning the concept is the philosophy developed over the last 28 years of trading, being
“Fresh, Healthy, Tasty”
“Real Food not Fast Food”
“Made to order Fresh Noodle Bar & unique Rice Dishes menu, Hot Food Bar & Dumpling Bar”
Items cooked freshly in a theatrical manner in front of the customers will consistently enliven the customer’s experience of their visit to Hokka Hokka.

Unique Proposition

The unique proposition in this concept is our capability of combining a theatric style of presentation, consistent quality of food service, presentation and a pricing structure that will ensure not only profitability but longevity for Hokka Hokka, as well as quality & value for the customer.

Our point of difference to the majority of other Asian food operators is simple: The operating systems and procedures developed over the last 28 years ensure a consistently professional delivery of the business plan for every location operated, every day.

Director of Hokkahokka