[ww-shortcode-plan name=”HOTFOOD BAR” price=”Stir Fry” url=”#” target=”_self” btn_text=”Fresh”]

  • One or Two Choice
  • With Rice or Noodles
  • Over 30+ Selections
  • Home3_noodle


[ww-shortcode-plan name=”FRESH NOODLE BAR” price=”3 Easy Steps” url=”#” target=”_self” btn_text=”Healthy”]

  • Choose Noodles: Over 10+ selections
  • Select Topping: One or Two Meat or Seafood
  • Choose Sauces: from over 10+ selections
  • Cooked with clear / laksa soup or stir fry


[ww-shortcode-plan name=”HOKKA SPECIALTIES ” price=”Authentic Tastes” url=”#” target=”_self” btn_text=”Tasty”]

  • Uniquely developed with influences
  • from China, Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan.
  • Chefs from different parts of Asia.
  • Consistently serving quality & innovative Food.